Past Events


December 15, 2014 Conference… Governor Martin O'Malley and Moving Forward with Benchmarking in MASN

Governor Martin O'Malley (founder of Baltimore CitiStat and MD StateStat) along with Simon Case (Director of the United Kingdom's performance management program) headlined the Mid-Atlantic Performance Conference. Governor O'Malley and Mr. Case shared their experiences, successes, and challenges implementing and operating performance management systems. Governor O'Malley shared his accomplishments achieving his statewide goals including improving the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay. Mr. Case discussed how the UK was refining and improving their already robust performance management system.

The meeting also featured a discussion about MASN starting a regional comparative performance/benchmarking program and how we can get started. The discussion was kicked-off and contextualized by Michael Lawson, Director of Education at the Performance Institute and former benchmarking director at ICMA.

May 8, 2014 Conference… Building Permits & Dr. Metzenbaum…

Mid-Atlantic StatNet’s second conference was once again a successful event with over 60 attendees from the Federal Government, DC, State of Maryland, Commonwealth of Virginia, and local governments from Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  Dr. Shelley H. Metzenbaum, President of the Volcker Alliance led off the meeting with insights on the history, importance, and usefulness of performance management in general and Mid-Atlantic StatNet.  Following Dr. Metzenbaum, Mike Flowers, former head of NYC’s Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics showed practical examples of how analytics can be used to solve local government issues and improve performance.  Subsequently, the Mid-Atlantic StatNet group talked with and about how regional partners, State, and Federal partners can better work together to solve problems.  This led directly into sharing each jurisdiction’s performance management efforts including successes and challenges.  All of these great speakers and topics led to the highlight of the day, where department building permit, inspection, and review offices came from each jurisdiction to compare, discuss, and learn from their building permit, inspection, and review data led by Michael Ward from UMASS’s Collins Center.  See the agenda by clicking here

October 10, 2013 Conference… our first meeting is held…

The first Mid-Atlantic Stat-Net conference was a huge success!  It included presentations from leaders in the performance management field including Michael Ward, New England StatNet Director and Doug Besharov, University of Maryland as well as discussions on how Mid-Atlantic local and State governments can collaborate on performance management. Participants came from PA, MD, DC, and VA. See the agenda by clicking here

October 8, 2013… First StatNet held as a pilot…

Fairfax County, VA; Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA collected and compared data on permitting services.  The result? An interesting and robust discussion on how all three governments could do a better job on permitting as well as lessons learned on how to conduct future conversations for Mid Atlantic StatNet